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Effective Communication for Success

Larry Pearson shares tools for breakthrough results
People everywhere are learning to be more effective in their careers and personal lives through communication techniques pioneered by Landmark, the world leader in personal and professional growth, training and development. Larry Pearson can share these proven tools for success.

Larry is a communication expert with Landmark, where more than 2.4 million people have learned to create a future with their families, friends and co-workers that makes a difference in their lives and communities. In this role, he leads adults worldwide in The Landmark Forum,Landmark's flagship program for people to cause breakthroughs in their performance, communication, relationships and overall satisfaction in life. He also leads The Landmark Forum for Teens, teachingthousands of teenagers worldwide skills for effective communication that lead to success in their careers and relationships.

Larry is also a husband, stepfather and longtime leader and role model for teenagers. He spent years leading the Boys & Girls Club of Albany, N.Y., as program director, executive director and director of operations. He has run summer camp programs, officiated sports in high schools and colleges, and ran a high school and junior high school preparatory program.

Some timely topics he can discuss include:

Effective Communication for Success – Larry explains how what you hear and say affects everything in your life from intimacy with your spouse to successful relationships in business.
Honesty in Relationships – Is it always the best policy?
Money: Worry Less, Make More – A Harris Study found that people who completed The Landmark Forum worry less about money, and 6 in 10 report they are more effective in managing their money. Larry shares how to take control of your finances for less stress and more happiness.
Beyond Right & Wrong: Getting to What Works – How parents can communicate with their teens in a way that instills them with integrity and helps them understand the consequences of their choices.
3 Ways to Respond to Hurtful Comments from Family Members – Chances are someone in the family will eventually say something that hurts. Larry shares three powerful options for dealing with these difficult situations.
Changing Perceptions to Create Love – Larry discusses how letting go of the story and changing perceptions about family members can create a space for love.
Taking Responsibility – Larry shares accountability principles that can help everyone from employees to parents trying to raise self-reliant kids.
Beyond Conflict – Larry explains how to communicate your needs effectively and powerfully in your career, family and other relationships.
Relating Well During Holidays and Vacations – Most people have a vision of how families should behave at the holidays, and all too often reality doesn't measure up. Larry shares communications tips for happier holiday and family gatherings.

Larry can discuss many other issues related to family, business and how to lead an extraordinary life. Please contact us with a specific request.

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